Food Network's Thanksgiving Recipe Search Trends Slideshow

First Week of November: Appetizers

As it is the first course of the meal, it's not surprising that in the first week of November, most Americans were searching for appetizer recipes on Food Network. This galette made with Stilton cheese and roasted butternut squash proved to be one of the most popular ones. 

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Second Week of November: Desserts

While we knew desserts were near and dear to people’s hearts, this finding shocked us. Apparently, they’re so important to Americans that they outranked the main event of Thanksgiving —  turkey — and were the most searched term during the second week of November. This sweet potato pie with whiskey whipped cream was one of the most popular hits for Food Network.

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Recipe: Desserts

These pumpkin caramels were also among the most popular dessert searches, which proves that along with the standard pies, a lot of Americans were looking for desserts that were great for entertaining.

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Recipe: Ricotta Cheesecake with Warmed Cherries

This ricotta cheesecake was another popular dessert recipe. While cheesecake isn’t the norm for Thanksgiving, we like the warmed cherries in this dish.

Third Week of November: Turkey


As the holiday got closer and closer, most Americans started to prioritize and focus on the main theme of the meal. While we were surprised that the centerpiece became the focus so late in the game, perhaps it's because this traditional dish is so consistent over the years that many Americans don’t need a lot of time in advance to find the perfect recipe. As one of the most popular recipes searched, this classic roasted turkey recipe led us to conclude that the turkey is probably the last dish Americans would look to change up.

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Recipe: Turkey Roulade with Cranberry-Apricot Stuffing

That being said, there were some people who wanted to cook outside of the box in 2010 and 2011. This roulade recipe was another popular search on Food Network, combining the classic poultry served with another Thanksgiving staple — stuffing — all in one dish. 

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Recipe: Turkey Breast with Gravy


Americans are also looking to simplify the Thanksgiving meal, which is why we think this roasted turkey breast recipe was another popular one in the past two years. It still upholds the characteristics of a roast turkey but without most of the fuss that goes along with it.

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Fourth Week of November: Sides

Last but not least are sides, which were most searched for in the fourth week of November. Because they’re usually made with the freshest ingredients and take little time to prepare, sides were the last on Americans' checklist when planning their menus. This glazed carrots and turnips recipe was one of the most traditional recipes that ranked at top of the list on Food Network’s website.

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Recipe: Twice Baked Potatoes

We know potatoes are a staple on the Thanksgiving plate, but we were intrigued to learn that some people wanted to simplify over the past two years, like with this popular recipe for twice baked potatoes.

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Recipe: Provençal Potatoes

Another popular recipe searched for in the fourth week, these Provençal potatoes provide an elegant and unique way to serve up the starch.

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