Food-of-the-Month Clubs: The Good, the Bad, and the Interesting

Nothing says 'thanks!' or 'congratulations!' like a thoughtful present

(Photo: flickr/srslyguys/CC4.0)

Give the gift of a bread-of-the-month club!

Giving gifts can get repetitive. How many times are you going to bring a bottle of wine or a pie to the same group of friends or family every time there’s a dinner party, a house warming, or a holiday?

Looking for a great gift? Check out these unique food-of-the-month clubs!

Instead, give the gift of personalization — a food-of-the-month club subscription. Every month, like clockwork, Mom, Dad, your boss, or your best friend will receive something new and exciting based on their culinary favorites.

Does Mom love her red wine? Is your best friend crazy about cookies, or your spouse a cheese connoisseur? Let them explore their favorite foods, drinks, or sweets with the element of surprise.While food-of-the-month clubs have become very popular in years past, with subscriptions popping up in the worlds of beer, spirits, cuts of meat, oils, and even bacon, some have gotten out of hand. Products like cheeseballs, mini-sized foods, exotic meats, and mystery snack foods are among the oddities of these clubs.


We’re here to sift them out — from the decent to the amazing to the unnecessary — so that the next time a special occasion or the holidays roll around and you’re looking to gift your aunt with something extra special, you don’t go wrong.