Food-Focused Summer Camps

Tasty ways to keep busy this season

Kids learn healthy recipes from an expert at Operation C.H.E.F.

Knife skills. Pastry arts. Nutrition education. These things don’t typically come to mind when one thinks of summer camp — until now.

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Organizations around the country are hosting food-focused summer programs for kids, teens, and even adults with culinary aspirations. If your son or daughter spends hours "helping" you in the kitchen, loves to bake, or dreams of becoming a professional chef, this could be the ultimate summer activity.

We’ve rounded up food-focused summer camps from across the nation that make food fun, the kitchen accessible, and sound like a blast. From creating a cookbook to making ice cream from scratch to learning the art of menu planning, these camps will entertain even the most apathetic of teens.

Excursions to places like the Ben & Jerry’s factory, the Cabot Creamery, and local farmers markets will make kids and teens alike hungry to expand their culinary knowledge. But wait, there’s more! Parents, there’s no need to sit on the sidelines. We’ve also included programs for adults with a passion for food. Want to learn a few recipes that will wow your friends and family? Obsessed with international cuisine? Need to learn the basics? Give Mario Batali a run for his money and let your inner chef go crazy at one of these retreats.

There’s still plenty of time to sign up, so take a peek at these fun, food-focused summer camps and getaways from around the nation and find the best one for you and yours.


This article was originally published on June 6, 2012.