Food-Focused Centerpieces That’ll Steal Your Heart

This Valentine’s Day, create your own décor with sweet treats for any setting

Use your favorite sweets to decorate this February 14th!

With January coming to a close, our color palette is already switching to deep red and pretty pink hues — that’s right, it’s never too early to start planning your little love soirée for Valentine’s Day.

See how you can use your favorite Valentine's Day sweets in your home!

Whether it’s a night with your one and only, a gathering of girlfriends, or a play date for your little ones and their friends, you’ll need the perfect centerpiece to spread the love.

This Valentine’s Day, ditch the lace doilies and create a centerpiece that’s fit for a food lover — after all, sweet treats are often swapped on this very day, so why not incorporate them into your décor?


We’ve rounded up our favorite food-inspired centerpieces that are simple to throw together for that last-minute dinner party and festive enough to keep on the table for a little eye candy.