Food-Filled Wedding Proposals

Here at The Daily Meal, we believe that choosing to spend your life with someone is no small matter, so why would your proposal be anything less than memorable?

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While the tried-and-true "down on one knee in a restaurant" maneuver is a classic proposal tactic, why not make the moment all the more surprising by incorporating everyone's favorite thing—food. Catch your sweetheart off guard and sweep her off her feet with a unique engagement idea, ensuring that not only will the proposal be a total surprise but also one for the books.

After putting in all the effort and money to find the perfect ring, make sure you have the perfect way to propose. We have ideas for every type of food lover, from a camping trip proposal complete with a ring hidden in the s'mores to an elegantly crafted dinner for two with a menu including your proposal or a coffee in bed with latte art popping the question. Whatever you choose, incorporating food into your proposal turns it from ordinary into something extraordinary.

The following ideas for food-filled wedding proposals will guarantee that you'll have an engagement story that everyone will want to hear and that you'll want to keep telling for years to come — plus, the delicious food you'll get to eat isn't that bad of a plus, either.