Food Fails That Will Make You Feel Better about Your Skills

Your food may not be perfect, but trust us, these are a lot worse

We’re not even sure what happened here.

Cooking is hard work, and every once in while home cooks all bite off more than they  can chew. It comes as no surprise that failures  happen in the kitchen, especially when tackling dishes like soufflé or hollandaise. It can be a bummer when all our hard work is wasted, but don’t feel alone when it happens to you. Not only do companies make epic food fails, but there are people out there who fail way harder than you ever have.

We aren’t talking about people who took on some complicated dish and came out on the bottom. We’re talking about simple dishes gone horribly, horribly wrong. Just remember these food fails next time one of your culinary adventures goes awry. You will feel infinitely better.

Curry Puffs Fail

This is the tamest fail of the bunch, but let’s face it, these do not look appetizing. The questionable substance smeared on the bottom of some of them makes us cringe.


Epic Rice Fail

What in the world is that black stuff on top of it? Is that melted plastic right there? How did they mess up rice this badly? So many questions. So little time.

(Flickr/Warren Noronha)

Sweet Potato Fail

These poor, poor sweet potatoes. They’ve suffered a tragic, painful death. We weep for them.


Chocolate Chip Cookies Fail

These are the saddest excuse for cookies we’ve ever seen. Whoever did this is a monster and they must be stopped!