Food And Drink Posters: A College Campus Special

The world of art, in college-dorm terms, means the world of posters. From Warhol prints to pictures of your favorite Heisman pose to the many ways you can showcase a can of beer or funny movie, posters take over most college students' dorm rooms or apartment spaces, filling the walls for those who lack the funds to invest in priceless pieces (or who would rather spend their cash on supplying beer for the next rager) with a little pop of color, style, and in some cases, originality.

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Not only do poster companies descend on campuses during the first week or two of school, usually parked just outside the bookstore or in some common space where they just cannot be missed, they also continue to flood college students' email in-boxes with offers, specials, and the inevitable buy-one-get-one-free deal. However, despite the deluge of sometimes oppressive, please-stop-emailing-me-and-blocking-my-way-to-class poster hype, we've happened upon some paper favorites of our own.

Of course, as they feature all things food and drink (has our mantra sunken in yet??), these posters are some of TDM's favorite picks for back-to-school, apartment decorating, or just happy and nostalgic riffs on some of the monstrosities we had in our own freshman dorms. Check them out and then let us know what you have in your dorm room (or maybe, what you once had).