Filling Breakfast Menu Ideas

It's true. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, setting the stage for how you eat — and the cravings that incur — later. Maybe you ate too much over Thanksgiving, and are vowing to start your day off right with a nutritionally balanced meal that won't leave your tummy growling by 10am. Or, maybe lunch is an afterthought for you, between getting the kids off to school, running errands, and then picking them up again. Do something for yourself: Start your busy days with a healthy breakfast that will keep you satiated until mid-afternoon, without filling you out.


For cold winter mornings:

Cherry Almond Oatmeal

An easy oatmeal recipe that is dairy-free, thanks to the addition of almond milk. Oatmeal is a great source of fiber and will keep you fueled through all your morning tasks.


Apple-Maple Walnut Breakfast Quinoa

From One For The Table

Quinoa is a classic wonder food, grain-like in texture, but is a complete protein. Most use quinoa in savory applications; this slightly sweet breakfast dish will become a new favorite.


Lemon-Ricotta Pancakes

From The Daily Meal

When topped with fresh berries, instead of syrup, these moist pancakes are a delight. The addition of ricotta provides satiating protein to keep you from going hungry mid-morning.


When you have fresh eggs on hand:

Breakfast Burritos

From Mad Hungry

When the ingredients are prepped the night before, assembling one of these healthy breakfasts is easy—just scramble some eggs and warm some tortillas. While the eggs scramble, you can melt the cheese on the tortillas.


Coddled Eggs

Baking eggs in little custard dishes is a warming breakfast for cold winter mornings. Serve with some fruit, and a dry piece of toast, cut in sticks – perfect for dipping.


Mom's Omelette

From The Daily Meal

A family favorite with staying power. Serve with a side of fruit, and a piece of toasted whole-grain toast for a complete breakfast, just as mom serves.


Healthy bites for when you're on the run:

Maple Pecan Muffins


With a link of chicken sausage and a side of chopped fruit, these little muffins will keep you going all day long without a sugar crash.


Fruit Parfait

From The Daily Meal

A homemade fruit parfait is an easy – and healthy – breakfast, perfect for those on the go. You can customize your creation, too; try adding fresh or dried fruits, fresh fruit compotes, granola, flaxseed, toasted coconut, toasted nuts, or whole-grain cereals.


Sliced Raisin-Pecan Toasts with Honey and Cinnamon

From The Daily Meal

Two small pieces of toast with honey and cinnamon, instead of blood sugar-spiking jams or jellies, is a perfectly portioned breakfast. Looking for a rounded out meal that will last you all morning? Substitute the honey and cinnamon for almond butter and banana.

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