Festive Rainbow Recipes to Brighten Your Spring Party

Get prepped for spring with these colorful rainbow recipes

Rainbow Cake

Winter weather is quickly giving way to spring rain, and tiny daffodil leaves are starting to pop up through the dirt. Spring is (almost) in the air.

Which is a great reason to bring all the gorgeous rainbows of the season to your next party, if only to get your guests mind off the weather outside.

Let's Go Over the Rainbow with These Great Recipes!

Get rid of the winter blues and scare away gloomy rainstorms by adding some red, pink, purple, yellow, and green into your life, with natural food coloring from beets, carrots, and blueberries.

Whether you make sweet cakes, vibrant ice pops, or just simply stack some fruit on a skewer, here are easy, colorful ways to celebrate spring’s arrival.

And if you want to go off the book, at least there are plenty of food dye options for those avoiding the store-bought dyes. Try your hand at these gorgeous cakes, naturally dyed Easter eggs, and more!

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— Brooklyn Supper, Babble