Farmer Creates Milk Vodka, Because That Isn't Weird at All

Who doesn't want their vodka to be creamy?

Of all the weird vodkas we've seen over the last year — and that includes the "world's hottest vodka" and some flavor combinations that boggle our minds — a vodka made from cow's milk might just top them all. 

The "Black Cow" (well played) vodka was developed by a dairy farmer in the U.K.; James Barber separates the milk from his 250 dairy cows into curds and whey, and ferments it into beer to turn the sugar into alcohol. Then, the beer is triple-distilled and blended into the final product. The Daily Mail reports that the formula for milk vodka took him three years to perfect. 

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Barber told The Daily Mail that Black Cow was inspired by a documentary he watched about Siberians making vodka from yaks' milk. And suppposedly, the Black Cow is smooth and has a distinct "creamy texture" — because that's exactly what you want to think of when drinking a vodka cocktail. Supposedly, Daniel Craig and Liz Hurley love the vodka; we just want to know what the vodka experts have to say about it.