Fancy Finger Food, For Less

We have a dirty little catering secret: wonton skins are awesome.

Back in February, we catered a 30th wedding anniversary party. It wasn't our first gig. But it was still our largest party to date. And our novice response was to propose a gargantuan menu of finger food. We pulled it off—all 18 dishes, that is. But it's safe to say we definitely came away with some lessons, along with ten canvas bags full of leftovers in Tupperware, to take into account for next time.

During the menu-planning stage, we came across a recipe that used these little wonton crisps. How cute, we thought. Better yet, how convenient that the wonton skins can be baked up to two weeks in advance.

Being quarter-life cooks and all, we don't cook that often with expensive ingredients like sushi-grade tuna, lump crab, and shrimp. But, thanks to the magic of the wonton crisp, we've used all of these ingredients for various finger foods. The cups required so little filling that they end up being one of the most affordable items on the menu, no matter what you pack them with.

More importantly, the possibilities are endless when you have a pack of wonton skins on hand. The pack can live in your freezer, so anytime you are feeling a little fancy, but also a little bit cheap, you can reach in there, thaw a couple skins out, pick up some expensive seafood, and go nuts.

Click here to see their recipe for Shrimp and Mango Wonton Crisps.