Eye Candy: Shirtless Dude with Abs Frosts a Cake

It's Friday. You deserve it

We have a full month left until Valentine's Day, but since it's the Friday after the first full week back from New Year's (that felt like such a long time ago!), here's a little eye candy to reward yourself.

YouTube channel The Official Hungry has released this video teaching you how to properly frost a cake with what looks like a chocolate ganache. Delish. Even better, the expert froster is none other than a handsome, shirtless, supposedly completely-nude man (with abs). Hey boy hey.

Of course, the instructions have some key words for plenty of double entendres. Think "load," "massage," "press your tool firmly"...  you get the picture. It's all very similar to that steamy "50 Shades of Chicken" trailer (we're waiting for "50 Shades of Bacon" food porn). The entire experience is made complete with some smooth jazz, but really, we prefer our bubble bath mix, thank you very much. Also, yes the man's shirtless, but that's chocolate cake. Give it here. We'll take it in bed.