Expensive Prices Prevent Women From Buying Healthy Food

At the grocery store, why do you find yourself reaching for the bag of chips rather than a package of kale? The reason, new studies from Consumer Reports suggest, might be the high price.

The study analyzed eating habits of women nationwide, and found that most women found excuses to not buy healthy food. Price was the number one reason to skip the veggie and fruit section, with 57 percent responding yes. Also a factor in whether or not women eat healthy? Social temptations. Nearly 48 percent of women responded that when in company, they tended to eat worse than when they were alone.

However, the study reports, women aren't trying to eat unhealthily — in fact, women now are making more of a concious effort to boost their eating habits with lots of veggies, grains, and fruits. Nearly three-fourths of the women surveyed said they examine nutrition labels when buying, and more than half said they tried to eat healthy in the past year. (That does include the nearly 40 percent who admit their eating habits could be better.)