Every-Occasion Care Packages For The Ultimate Food Lover

Nothing is quite as wonderful as getting something in the mail. Letters and postcards are one thing, but care packages? Those are in a league all their own. We love care packages because they're all pleasure and no business. They give you an excuse to totally spoil someone you care about. 

10 Every-Occasion Care Packages for the Ultimate Food Lover (Slideshow)

Have a food-loving friend with a birthday coming up? How about a college student just starting her first kitchen? Or just want to show your favorite gourmand that you're thinking of him? We know just what to send.

So what's in our boxes? For one thing, nothing too large or too heavy. We, and we're sure the recipient of your box, want you to spend your money on the contents rather than the shipping. Secondly, there's nothing perishable or too delicate. Finally, and most importantly, we've included really good food and some other fun, fitting treats. 

These care packages are designed with the ultimate food lover in mind: dreamy, jam-packed (literally and figuratively) boxes filled with the best of the best. Almost everything on our list is independently produced by high-quality small business gems. Admittedly, the best of the best typically comes with a heftier price tag. If some of the items listed here aren't in your budget, it certainly doesn't preclude you from sending an amazing care package. Make your own artisanal cookies instead or fill a glass jar with a homemade baking mix and pair it with instructions. Your loved one might even like it more than the purchased sweets. 

The sweetest part of the care package won't be the treats, but rather that you thought to send it, so don't forget to pack a handwritten note! Another great touch would be a copy of one or two of your favorite recipes, so your lucky recipient will know what to do with all of those tasty ingredients.