You Should Be Eating This Cream Cheese Chili Brat Bake On Game Day

No stress, no mess, no fuss, no rush

Imagine how much fun you’re going to have cooking (and eating) this on game day.

It’s like the bigger, badder, and bolder older sibling of the classic “pigs in a blanket.” We like to call them “Football Calzones.”

Click here to watch the video.

For this home cooking adventure, we partnered with our friends at Johnsonville to deliver you yet another delicious recipe that is of course perfect for game day. These calzones have an incredibly easy formula so that you can spend less time making your game day grub and more time enjoying it.

Appearing from the outside as a puffy, kitten-sized crescent roll, inside you find a cream cheese/chili bean combo that blankets a juicy Johnsonville brat. Top with chives for a pop of color, and you’re set.

Watch the above video for the how-to, and imagine how much fun you’re going to have cooking (and eating) this yourself! No stress, no mess. No fuss, no rush (unless you’re talking about FOOOOOOTBAAAAAAALLLLL)!

Created in partnership with Johnsonville


This article was originally published in January 2017 by