You Know You Aren’t Classy When… 5 Food and Drink Choices That Are Socially Unacceptable

These disgusting eating habits are not acceptable


Junk food is not ideal for entertaining.

Bad eating habits can ruin any relationship, and by any we mean any. Whether you’re eating in front of your spouse, colleague, best friend, or relative, your mealtime faux pas will not go unnoticed. If you’re invited to dinner with a potential new employer, your horrible eating habits could cost even you the job. Avoid all finger foods, even if you crave crispy chicken fingers instead of a more sophisticated dish — they may spell disaster for your social and professional life. Here are five ways to tell that your eating habits are socially unacceptable.

Cheez Whiz and Easy Cheese

A wine tasting at your place consists of moscato plus Cheez Whiz or Easy Cheese on crackers, rather than a more elegant menu of Morbier paired with riesling or a pinot noir.

Hot Pockets for Your Midnight Snack

Instead of raw vegetables or fruit, you opt for meatball and mozzarella Hot Pockets as your midnight snack.

Orange Soda vs. Sparkling Water

You’re hosting colleagues for cocktails and your spritzers contain orange soda instead of tonic or sparkling water.

Pizza Rolls vs. Real Pizza

Instead of homemade pizza, you insist on serving guests frozen pizza rolls at your next gathering. You’re not in college anymore, and there’s nothing great about this snack.

Pop Tarts vs. Nutrients

You have guests staying over for the weekend, and your typical breakfast consist of a jam-filled toaster tart. Instead, opt for a morning meal that contains the vitamins and protein needed for a successful day.

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