Yes, You Can DIY Your Own Wedding Cake

If you can bake a birthday cake, you can bake a stunning wedding cake


Baking your own wedding cake is totally doable — all you have to do is plan and practice.

From keeping your guest list small to hosting your big day in your backyard to throwing a potluck, there are a lot of ways to trim your wedding budget. But our favorite way to have a beautiful, budget-friendly wedding that fits your vision perfectly is to handle much of the work yourself — including baking your own wedding cake.

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Though a lot of people will warn you to never DIY your wedding cake, if you can bake a birthday cake or successful cupcakes, making this dessert for your wedding really isn’t that much more difficult. The biggest challenge in DIY-ing your wedding cake is figuring out the design and size, but as long as you keep those elements simple and close to your heart, there’s no reason you can’t pull this off flawlessly.

So, we’re here to tell you: Yes, you can DIY your own wedding cake. All it takes is time, patience, a plan, and a lot of practice. Still don’t believe us? Check out these nine easy tips that prove you really can do it!