9 Wedding Toast Fouls from Worst Party Blunders Slideshow

Worst Party Blunders Slideshow


9 Wedding Toast Fouls


Not to stress out any anxious brides and grooms out there, but pretty much everything can go wrong at a wedding. Caterers could screw up, the cake could hit the floor, two serial pickup merchants could crash the party looking for one night stands only to fall in love — oh, wait, that’s Wedding Crashers. You get the point. There are enough wedding pitfalls to sustain another century of situational comedies. But there’s one particularly crucial moment, the toast, that’s potentially rife with danger.

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10 Wedding Guest Errors

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The toast is just one potentially disastrous wedding moment. There are plenty of other opportunities for guests to do things to send the bride to the bar. Sure, there’s the obvious, like drinking too much (is the consensus that that’s generally considered the worst party blunder of all time?), but there are plenty others.

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15 Party Fouls You Should Never Make

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Not enough? Want more? Chomping at the bit to find out what some of the all-time worst party fouls are? Check out what this highly experienced group of event planners decided were the 15 worst party fouls one could ever make.

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How to Behave: Guests and Hosts

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What is it they always say about being positive and leading by example? Don't say what you shouldn't do, but say what you should do? In the spirit of positivity, here are some examples of how to behave whether you're hosting or visiting as a guest.

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11 Embarrassing Cocktail Party Fouls


If you’re not the kind of person who enjoys embarrassing themselves and then shamelessly recounting past adventures, there are some basic rules not to forget in the moment. From double-fisting to holding court, here are 11 cocktail party fouls to avoid if you’re a little shy about having a good time, or don’t want to end up as the star of your friends' party horror stories.

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7 Worst Dinner Party Dishes


If hosting dinner parties doesn’t come naturally, or if setting the table, arranging flowers, stocking the bar, and preparing multiple courses is the stuff your nightmares are made of, there is one easy guideline to follow: K.I.S.S. That’s right, don’t overcomplicate things. When it comes to serving food, that means avoiding messy things, foods that might collapse, and ornate presentations.

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