10 Good Reasons Why You Should Never Gossip

There are a lot of obviously rude behaviors out there. Chewing with your mouth open, using your cell phone in a crowded movie theater, treating waiters condescendingly and being inexcusably late to an engagement are all things most people know not to do. But for every obvious breach of etiquette out there, there are some inconsiderate acts so widespread that people don't even always realize how improper they are.

10 Good Reasons Why You Should Never Gossip Gallery

The most common rude behavior out there: gossiping. According to The Telegraph, social psychologist Dr. Nicholas Emler told a conference in 2009 that 80 percent of our conversations are about other people, so gossiping is everywhere, whether or not it's malicious. Heck, you're probably gossiping a lot of the time without even realizing you're doing it. It's just that easy to fall into this trap.

And though it may be difficult to swear off, gossiping is the one rude behavior you should really quit. There are a lot of big and little consequences of it that can affect your life in a negative way. Whether you're chatting in the office or among friends, make it a goal to eschew this uncivilized behavior. Beyond it simply being rude, there are many more reasons why you should never gossip.