Wedding Cake


Which Wedding Cake Best Suits Your Personality?

We’re here to make deciding what cake to have to celebrate your wedding day easier

Deciding what cake to have to celebrate your wedding day always poses more questions and creates more problems than you may have previously imagined.

Make choosing between a traditional fondant-iced tiered cake, a stack of doughnuts, and a rainbow cake much easier by selecting the one that best suits your personality

Bohemain Cake



A wedding cake covered in fresh flowers and greenery is best suited to the bohemian, wild-at-heart bride. Covering your wedding cake in wild plants clearly shows your love of the beautiful, natural world in the most hippy-ish, yet still on-trend way.

Naked Cake


Laid Back

For the relaxed bride with an “anything goes” attitude, a naked cake is the perfect wedding cake. The lack of frosting on the exterior of the cake perfectly encapsulates that calm, chilled out, laissez-faire attitude.

Rainbow Cake



For the bold and brave brides, make sure your personality infuses your wedding cake by swapping the traditional white for bright splashes of color. Whether you opt for a totally wacky, wonderful rainbow cake, or simply cover your cake in bold, bright buttercream, make sure your cake is as much of an extrovert as you.

Pie Cake



For all you hipsters who want to break with tradition at every possible opportunity in your life, why not have a wedding cake that isn’t actually a wedding cake? A stack of pies, a pile of doughnuts, or a platter of your favorite chocolate brownies will all hit the spot without making you conform to the traditional wedding cake stereotypes.

Single Tier cake



For the introverts among you, who are already mildly terrified by all the attention you’re going to get on your wedding day, a simple, understated, single-tier cake, minimally decorated, is the perfect option.

Traditional cake



For the perfectionists among you who have always dreamt of an elegant, fairytale wedding, where everything is white, you wearing a billowing dress, have many bridesmaids, and roses are scattered everywhere, your wedding cake needs to be a traditional, multi-tiered cake simply coated in white royal icing.

Wedding Cake Topper



If you’re a real romantic, make sure you turn your already love-filled wedding cake into a heart-throb scene of a bride being swept off her feet by placing it with suitably picture-perfect, loved-up figurines on top.

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