What Your Wedding Cake Says About You (Slideshow)

From the flavor to the style, your wedding cake choices can say a lot about you and your partner as a couple

Find Out Your Wedding Cake Personality

The wedding cake style you choose will definitely send a message to your guests, so it is best to go into your cake consultation with an idea of what each style can signifies. While there are a number of ways to express yourself through pastry, these popular styles often really set the tone for the wedding day, which is a natural reflection of you! 

The Naked Wedding Cake

On trend right now, the naked wedding cake is perfect for the no-frills couple. You both are minimalists who are in love with love for what it is. You’re interested in raw, unadulterated beauty, and that is just fine by us.

The Topsy-Turvy Cake

Your fun and funky spirit cannot be crushed by a formal affair. Some may say your relationship is a little wild, but hey, who cares? You love every unpredictable moment of your partnership and wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Blinged-Out Cake

Most likely, the two of you are really into super-nice things, and may have expensive taste. You both want only the best of everything for your significant other and have probably been planning your “dream wedding” since you learned to tie your shoe.   

The Classic White Cake

There is nothing wrong with a traditional three-tiered wedding cake. Your relationship is rock solid and built upon the old-fashioned notion that your marriage is made to last. 

The Sculpted Cake

You and your partner are a unique match. You express yourself through everything that you do; why would a wedding cake be any different?

The Modern Cake

Chic and shiny, a modern wedding cake is all straight lines and sharp edges. You and your partner are definitely on the same page most of the time. You both like clean lines and minimal frill. You are all about being honest and direct and feel that your union represents a generational evolution in marital intelligence. 

The Floral Cake

Real or sugared, flowers mean one thing: you are head-over-heels for one another. You two are all romance, all the time. You’d made us sick if it wasn’t so freakin’ adorable. 

The Ombre Cake

You and your partner love to strike a balance. Whether it is a formal wedding followed by a righteous party or a sweet and savory snack, you two believe you can have it all... and you do!

The Beach Cake

Aside from telling your guests you’d rather be on the beach, a nautical wedding cake indicates a lot about your relationship. You’re laid back, easy going, and are super in-tune with your partner. 

The Single Layer Cake

A simple, decorated sheet cake indicates more than a small guest list. It suggests that you believe in intimacy and practicality, and you want to savor each special moment of your big day and your new life with your partner.