19 Ways You Didn't Know You Were Being Rude

There's simply no denying that our society has become increasingly casual. Long gone are the days of formal dinner parties, wearing suits and ties to work and drinking only one glass of Champagne at a party. And that's a good thing! People are far more relaxed these days and thus can connect with one another in new ways.

19 Ways You Didn't Know You Were Being Rude Gallery

But just because you're comfortable doesn't mean that you can be rude. In fact, following proper etiquette may be more important now than ever! And no, we don't just mean knowing what to do with your napkin at a formal dinner party or saying please and thank you.

Yes, being a proper person is as easy as being on time, knowing when to (and when not to) check your cell phone and remembering to be honest with your friends. These things are really easy not to do. With technology, it's easy to check Twitter whenever you want or text your buddy that you're running 15 minutes behind. But these actions are actually really, really rude!

Of course, these aren't the only ways that you're being an oblivious, improper person. Keep reading for 19 ways you didn't know you were actually being rude.