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Watch: Best Friends Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert Made a Fake Tarantino-Inspired Movie Trailer

Our favorite culinary BFFs are back in action with a fake movie trailer

Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert made a fake movie trailer in the style of Quentin Tarantino called 32 Yolks to Slaughter, which Bourdain posted to Instagram. As any Bourdain or Ripert fan knows, the two chefs are best friends and these antics are not unusual for the creative and darkly funny duo.

The faux trailer for 32 Yolks to Slaughter opens with a grainy screen and shots of Ripert cooking in a kitchen. Funky disco music rolls under a voice-over that booms: “In a world… where the price of dinner could be your life… One man, one chef, stands alone!”

Things take a turn as Ripert uses shrimp and kitchen tools to fight bad guys who, according to the voice over, would not let him cook.

“Dinner is served,” Ripert announces to the camera, giving seriously Schwarzenegger-esque “I’ll be back” vibes.

Although this trailer is for a movie that will never come to be, we still want to see it. Bourdain and Ripert make an excellent duo both on and off screen. Maybe they can shoot the trailer’s sequel in one of Anthony Bourdain’s 9 most dangerous destinations!

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