Turn Your Love of Cooking Into a Business With These Websites

If you dream of turning your love of cooking into a full-time job, these websites can make that fantasy a reality

Turn Your Love of Cooking Into a Business With These Websites

Do you spend your days at the office dreaming of becoming the next celebrity chef? Do you wish you could spend more time at home in your kitchen cooking up a storm? If you do, these 10 meal-sharing websites may turn that dream into a reality.


Whether you want to host an exclusive dinner party, pass on your Champagne knowledge with a taught tasting, or show people how to make the best Korean bibimbapBookalokal allows you to host any unique food event you desire, wherever you are in the world.


Invite friends, travelers, and neighbors to dine in your home by becoming a trusted host on Cookapp. If you do the cooking, Cookapp will do the rest. Currently operating in major cities worldwide, you can cook, meet new people, and make money, all from the comfort of your own kitchen.


Share your love of cooking and hospitality by preparing and serving a unique homemade meal to food enthusiasts at your own chef’s table. By signing up to EatWith you’ll be joining a community of over 500 professional chefs and amazingly talented amateur cooks who are turning their home kitchens into small businesses.


Maybe the idea of 10 strangers turning up to your front door is a little intimidating for you right now. Why not dip your toes in the supper-club-hosting-water by inviting just one or two guests to share dinner with you, your family, or even your friends? EatWithaLocal is popular with travelers who are looking for an authentic, local experience, so if you are that knowledgeable, food-obsessed local, this is the platform for you.


If you consider yourself to be an exceptional culinary talent, who is able to curate unique, high-end dining events, you should try hosting a pop-up dinner in your home with Feastly. Currently based exclusively in the U.S., Feastly is for you cooks who hope to one day have a Michelin star attached to your name.


If hosting a three-course dinner party sounds a little too intense for you, but you are keen to make some extra money from your cooking, Homemade is the site for you. Rather than hosting guests in your home, Homemade enables you to prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or your favorite baked good, which will then be collected and delivered to a hungry person in your neighborhood.


If you really want to try your hand at full-time catering, but you don’t have the space, or are simply not up for hosting people in your home, you could sign up to be a chef on Kitchensurfing. Every week, Kitchensurfing sets a menu and you, as the chef, go and cook the selected choices for people in their own home. You’ll become a traveling chef in your own city, creating exclusive experiences for those who want to host a dinner party, but simply don’t know how to cook.

​Social Republic

Social Republic is a “global dining society,” with a huge focus on creating a community around sharing food with others. If watching people bond and make new friends in your home, over your cooking, is what makes you happy, sign up to turn your home into an underground restaurant here.


By welcoming people to eat at your kitchen table with VizEat, you’ll be creating an unforgettable experience for you and for your guests. Simply prepare your own favorite recipes, set the date, accept as many bookings as you wish, and on the date of your event you’ll have people from all over the world paying you to come and dine in your home-turned-restaurant.

​Voulez Vous Diner

Share your area’s local specialties on the social marketplace Voulez Vous Diner. By hosting a meal for these guests, you’ll be educating people from all over the world about the food and the story of your own neighborhood. Your customers will be immersing themselves in a new culture, keen to learn, taste, and meet new people in the process.