Top Planning Tips For Hosting A Destination Wedding

Top Planning Tips for Hosting a Destination Wedding

About a quarter of couples choose to tie the knot away from home, and the trend is only growing. Although planning a wedding from afar may seem overwhelming, there are a number of tips you can keep in mind to ensure your day runs seamlessly.

Communicating with the Caterer

When creating your wedding reception menu, convey your needs ahead of time to your on-site caterer to ensure the resort or other destination can accommodate your wishes.

Dietary Restrictions

Remember that your guests are often investing a great deal of time and money to attend your big day, so it's essential to request any dietary restrictions in advance in order to make culinary decisions with them in mind.

Kid-Friendly Menus

Child-friendly menus are always appreciated by the parents. Remember to offer non-breakable cups and plates, which can better stand up to the chaos of the kids' table.

Kosher Menus

Today, kosher foods are becoming a staple in some resort kitchens, so if you're hosting a Jewish destination wedding, look to resorts in Riviera Maya and CancĂșn, which have led the way in accommodating kosher celebrations.

Outside Vendors

More and more couples are bringing their vendors with them, so if you can't find exactly what you need in your selected region, consider seeking professional assistance in your own backyard.

Selecting a Locale

It's best to work with someone who is already familiar with your region, so keep this in mind when selecting a destination wedding specialist to guide you through the planning process.

Wedding Cakes

Considering an outdoor reception? Remember that buttercream may not be the best choice for your wedding cake. Instead, go for a fondant cake, which can stand up to higher temperatures.