Top-Notch Wedding Trends Slideshow


Tablecloths, glitter-trimmed napkins, invitations, confetti poppers, and bedazzled centerpieces are all the rage, not to mention about 50 percent of bridal fashion was flooded with crystal necklines.


The French import has had a growing presence at weddings, not only as a dessert option, but as a color inspiration: brides are building their entire color scheme off the soft pastel shades, from bouquets to table linens.

Colorful Wedding Cakes

Pink, red, blue, orange wedding cakes are taking a turn for the abstract and the modern with unique colors and shapes taking over rather than the usual white, three-tiered style.

Food Wedding Favors

Food is the ultimate party favor right now, with everything from chocolate bars to seeds to plant your own fruits and veggies to snack mixes or even a late-night breakfast sandwich to hold guests over after all those cocktails on the way home.

Grooms Cake

No longer just a Southern tradition, the idea of gracing a groom with a surprise confection has become increasingly popular over the past few years.


Succulent plants are a huge trend right now. They're being paired with a longtime favorite flower, peonies, and new flower trend, ranunculus. The "fat plants" that hold a ton of water and sometimes aloe, make for lush, exotic bouquets that work for any season.