SZA Posted a List of Her Food Allergies and We’re Shocked

The ‘Love Galore’ singer has a page-long list of allergies

The popular singer received amusing reactions from fans on Twitter after posting a list of foods that she is allergic to.

SZA posted a photo to Twitter that listed all of her food allergies, and it appears that the Ctrl singer is allergic to almost everything. The star recently had to cancel a couple of her tour shows due to health issues, and this list may be a window into why.

It includes things that commonly inspire allergic reactions, such as berries and shellfish, but it also contains some other foods that aren’t as widely known as allergens, such as apples and string beans.

The lengthy list is also separated into categories, including: carbs, fruit, berries, shellfish, seafood, dairy/eggs, meat, and beans. At the bottom is an unnamed category that lists mushroom, onion, and olive.

SZA’s Twitter followers had a negative reaction of their own to the list, going after the songstress on the social media site. She even tweeted back at a few telling them that when she got tested, she became “violently ill.”


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