Sandwiches To Make For Your Boyfriend That Will Blow His Mind Slideshow

The Giftwich

Guys are sometimes hard to shop for, but heres a gift that nobody would try to return. The Giftwich is really just a Reuben with a ribbon, but its way tastier than a tie or cologne.

Swine ‘N Cheesewich

The existence of this sandwich supports my claim that everything is better in wine glasses. Say hello to the Swine N Cheesewich ahh, that was a good year.

Teeny Tiny

This is a good sandwich if you care about your boyfriend, but at the moment, only a little bit. Maybe he accidentally threw your favorite pair of shoes away or spilled wine on your book. Youre that level of pissed.


Heres what Im picturing: Make this sandwich for your boyfriend for breakfast before a big day at work. Sandwiches are an often overlooked breakfast food, but WHY? This will get him off on a much better foot than a bowl of Cap'n Crunch would. Please be sure not to use the shirt he was planning on wearing as the backdrop to the sandwich. That might turn the spirited, positive energy of the morning around.


Does your boyfriend love ham? How much does he love ham? Does he really love ham? Are you still reading? Yes? Then you should probably make your boyfriend this sandwich.