Pull-Apart Breads Are The Fall Brunch Essential

We love hosting brunch in these cooler fall months. Something about the cool, crisp weather and the beautiful fresh produce makes us want to spend our weekends sharing a wonderful late-morning meal with friends, indulging in all our favorite sweet and savory treats. But throwing a brunch party is often a lot more work than you bargained for, and so many of our favorite breakfast foods (pancakes, poached eggs, waffles) need to be made to order, which doesn't make for such a relaxing, laid-back morning. In a bid to avoid spending your party standing over the stove, making sure your pancakes aren't burning and stopping the eggs from overcooking, we've got just the dish to satisfy all your freshly baked brunch cravings, and it doesn't require much attention from you at all: pull-apart breads.

Pull-apart bread ticks all our brunch boxes. It's easy to make and doesn't require any special equipment or in-depth baking skills. It can be served fresh out the oven, which means your guests will be immediately impressed by the warm, homemade, freshly baked goods you're serving them. It can be flavored exactly as you wish: Both savory and sweet pull-apart breads are delicious. Why not make double the dough and fill one with savory fillings and one with sweet so that there's something for everybody? Also, it's a sharing dish, and everybody loves sharing. Placing a couple of pull-apart breads at the center of the table for everyone to rip pieces from — letting warm steam and mouth-watering flavors release from the loaf every time they do so — is the best way to bring friends together for the happiest, tastiest of weekend mornings.

You can make these pull-apart breads as decadent or as simple as you like. Whatever you choose to fill them with, we promise they'll be delicious. For a savory brunch dish, try this cheesy pull-apart bread or a sundried tomato-filled version. You could add any other ingredients to the fillings that you fancy: We love adding crispy nuggets of bacon, shredded cheese, and some chopped scallions. And for the sweet-toothed, you could either stay traditional with this classic but amazing monkey bread recipe, or you could make an even more extravagant dish by adding Nutella, walnuts and raisins, or even embrace the fall flavors and bake a pumpkin caramel pull-apart bread: It is the season after all.