The Pros And Cons Of Having A Food Truck Catered Wedding Slideshow

The Golden Number

With one food truck at a wedding, you can normally cater for around 75 guests. You don't want lines to get too long, as that would ruin the spectacle of the food truck, and run the risk of your guests getting snippy with each other. Most people catering from food trucks for a big wedding have two or three food trucks arrive at the same time to help break up the masses. Keep in mind that almost every food truck will cater weddings, they just require a guarantee of a certain number of people to be in attendance.

Flexible Venue

Food Trucks are widely popular in cities such as New York, Seattle, Austin, and Los Angeles. Typically, you can have the food truck set itself up wherever you fancy, whether it's directly outside the venue, or in the yard at the back of the venue. However, in cities like Chicago, there are stricter food truck laws. For example, an ordinance in Chicago requires food trucks to park 200 feet away from any restaurant, and doesn't allow them to sell for more than 2 hours at one location. Make sure you do your research before you book your food truck.


Amazing Food Options

Some of the most well known food trucks serve popular gourmet foods like tacos, sliders, cupcakes, and mini desserts. However, if you look hard enough, you'll be able to find food trucks that serve everything and anything. Are you a vegetarian? A vegan? Have a green truck come to your wedding! Are you catering to a heavily based cultural or traditional crowd that may enjoy their national foods? Have a German, Asian fusion, or Greek food truck, cater your wedding! The options are endless. 

Flexible Dining Schedule

A big trend is having a food truck show up late at night to a venue to feed guest as they start to get hungry again after dancing. Many couples keep it a surprise, I mean, think about it: it's worth it just for the amazing photos you'll get. The joy an all your guests' faces when they bit into some hot, salty food after too many drinks, and a long night of partying, will show you that this was the right decision to make.

Save Money

Rather than paying for a catering company for a fancy, and crazily expensive 5-course sit down meal, you can create a more relaxed wedding, and save a lot of your wedding budget by hiring a food truck instead. Most prices hover near the $10 per person price range — a huge saving, without sacrificing any fun or tasty food!

Easy Clean Up

If the idea of spending the morning after your wedding sorting out dirty tableware sounds like hell, hiring a food truck is your saviour. Catering your big day from a food truck means that there will not be nearly as much cleanup as would be needed were you having a traditional sit-down meal: After your guests have eaten they can simply throw away their plates and utensils, saving you from any extra work the next day.

Entertain Your Guests Outside

The food truck option is a great way to entertain your guests busy during a reception or after a long night of lots of dancing. Instead of sitting around waiting for food at separate tables, guests can stand in line and mingle with other guests — this is the perfect way to get all of your guests to interact with each other, without forcing them to sit through hours of each others company at a long, over the top, dinner. What's more, having a food truck means everything can be done outside. There's no need for a marquee, and the whole party will be wonderfully relaxed without any fussy sit-down dining.

Hassle-Free Catering

Organizing for a food truck to be at your wedding is easy—most of the food trucks having websites that offer questionnaires that can be filled out with the click of a few buttons. Most established food trucks will also allow you to personalize your menu and create your own unique wedding-catering package so that your wedding can run exactly as you want it to.

Fresh, Tasty Food

Because food trucks bring the kitchen to the wedding, the food offered is often fresher, and tastier, than food that has been prepared elsewhere and brought to your wedding by caterers. Most food trucks cook a dish to order, resulting in the most delicious meal.

The Food Truck Con

The one "con" of having a food truck cater your wedding is something which is out of the control of every couple: the weather. While guests will love mingling outside in the warm, dry, Summer evenings, huddling under a food truck on a cold, wet night, isn't anyone's idea of the perfect wedding. The food will be just as good, but the guests might not enjoy being forced to stand outside in the rain.