President Obama's Favorite Dishes (And The Ones Michelle Won't Let Him Eat)

President Obama’s Favorite Dishes (And the Ones Michelle Won’t Let Him Eat)

What does the president of the United States eat every evening? What does he snack on throughout the day? Does he start his day with coffee and doughnuts or with oatmeal and a kale smoothie? Here, we reveal what President Obama typically eats in a day, what foods he loves, how he stays healthy, and what restrictions Michelle imposes on his diet.


In 2013, Obama told student journalists that his favorite food was broccoli. When later questioned on this claim, he swore it was the truth. Apparently broccoli is one of his staples, although Michelle is keen to add spinach to his daily dose of green vegetables.


If Obama could only order one meal for the rest of time, it would likely be a Cheddar cheeseburger. He'll eat one whenever he can, especially when he's on the road. However, Michelle tries to tame this rather unhealthy habit by swapping the cheeseburger for a turkey burger when they're at home.

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Cheese Toast

Obama is certainly very proud of his "cheese toast," one of his specialty dishes. Though we don't know his exact method or preferred ingredients for making this comfort food, we're glad to know that he loves this simple dish as much as the rest of us.

Fresh Apples

There will always be a full bowl of apples on the coffee table in the Oval Office. Obama keeps himself healthy by snacking on an apple when mid-afternoon hunger strikes.

Guacamole and Nachos

Homemade Chili Con Carne

Obama doesn't cook much, and, it seems, cooking has never been his forte in life. However, he can make a classic batch of chili, using an old family recipe he has followed since childhood. When he doesn't have time to stir up a pot himself, he'll order the Half-Smoke at the D.C. institution Ben's Chili Bowl.

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MET-Rx Bars

Obama tends to keep quiet about what brands or exact food products he really likes or dislikes, but he can't resist sharing his love of the chocolate roasted peanut protein MET-Rx bars with the world.

Milk Chocolate

When almondstrail mix, and protein bars just don't quite cut that snack craving, Obama will indulge on his favorite chocolate, which is homemade milk chocolate from Seattle-based Fran's Chocolates.


Almondspistachios, and macadamias are all enjoyed by the president on a daily basis. And he loves them even more when they're chocolate-coated. Although it has now been revealed that he doesn't count out seven almonds before he goes to bed, he does snack on these nuts throughout the day.


Crunchy snacks are one of Obama's daily food staples. He loves eating handfuls of popcorn when watching sports, but Michelle tends to enforce her healthy eating rules on her husband and forces him to stick to healthier snacks such as nuts and trail mix.

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Salmon Dinner

A typical dinner in the White House centers around steamed or roasted salmon. A perfectly cooked filet of salmon is a healthy, nutritious, tasty, and brain-food-filled meal.

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Shaved Ice

Take Obama to his birth place, Hawaii, and he won't be able to resist ordering Hawaiian shaved ice for all the family. His typical order will be for melon, cherry, and lime syrups.

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Thin-Crust Pizza

Although he doesn't eat it often (it doesn't fit into his healthy diet very well), Obama loves pizza. But it has to be thin-crust: Even in Chicago, Obama's favorite pizza is the thin crust served at Italian Fiesta Pizzeria, topped with tomatoes and olives.

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Trail Mix

Obama will often be found snacking on trail mix when he is given a spare moment to eat. However, if it has chocolate candy in it, he will reject it, or, reportedly, pick every piece of candy out, as if it were poison. Chocolate and trail mix are to be eaten separately, according to Obama's tastes.

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Tuna Salad

Tuna salad is another of the few dishes that President Obama can cook confidently — and he is so sure of the quality of this dish that he has shared his recipe with the whole of America.

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