President Obama’s Favorite Dishes (And the Ones Michelle Won’t Let Him Eat)

What does a day on the plate of the president of the United States really look like?
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What does the president of the United States eat every evening? What does he snack on throughout the day? Does he start his day with coffee and doughnuts or with oatmeal and a kale smoothie? Here, we reveal what President Obama typically eats in a day, what foods he loves, how he stays healthy, and what restrictions Michelle imposes on his diet.

President Obama’s Favorite Dishes (And the Ones Michelle Won’t Let Him Eat) (Slideshow)

Obama is often seen chowing down on a huge cheeseburger and fries, scoffing handfuls of popcorn as he watches a game, or eating a comforting chili at Washington, D.C.’s famous Ben’s Chili Bowl late at night. However, it won’t come as a surprise to learn that a burger and salty popcorn is not the mainstay of the president’s daily food diary. Instead, he snacks on health foods throughout the day — raw nuts and crunchy apples are essential in the Oval Office — and he often dines on salmon and broccoli in the evening.

Michelle Obama’s healthy eating initiatives are definitely enforced within the White House itself. Most of the produce the Obamas eat comes from the White House kitchen garden, so the First Family are almost always eating fresh, local, organic, and seasonal food. They even have their own White House honey with their breakfast (which for Obama always includes green tea and freshly squeezed orange juice) from the presidential bees, which are cared for by the resident bee keeper.


Read on to find out what Obama loves to eat… and what he really eats every day. What foods give the president the brain power and energy he needs to run the country? And how much control does Michelle really have over what Obama puts on his plate?