Pop Star Anne-Marie Eats Avocado And Chocolate Spread On Toast, Twitter Actually Loves It

Pop star Anne-Marie, who sings such notable hits as "Rockabye" featuring Sean Paul and "Friends," appears to have tapped into a niche culinary space on Twitter. The British singer has somehow summoned leagues of fans who enjoy the combination of chocolate spread with avocado after a single tweet telling them to "please try it."

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"I just made avocado and chocolate spread on toast," the 27-year-old tweeted to her hundreds of thousands of followers. "And before u say ew please try it."

The tweet has received a ton of attention with almost 4,000 likes and over 430 retweets. Of course, there were a few naysayers who found the combination to be a revolting idea — with a few fans wondering if the singer was even suffering from pregnancy cravings.

"are you okay?" asked @Sarahdbsm.

"Are you pregnant or before the period?" wondered Kasiaiam.

But words of support came quickly flooding in, revealing some weird part of the internet that loves to eat chocolate spread with avocado.

"oh my god i thought i was the only one who does this hahahah," laughed Twitter user Elisabeh.

"I have eaten chocolate mousse made with avocado and it's delicious," agreed @Teeda100.

"Gotta mash up the avocado but not too much," advised an Anne-Marie fan account. "Gotta have a few tiny lumps in it , loads of Nutella and normally I pop it in the microwave for like 10 seconds , boom Bon appetite"

While we were scratching our heads wondering whether the internet is full of people who enjoy chocolate and avocado together or just Anne-Marie fans who do, we came across even more people boasting about their incredible culinary combinations involving chocolate as well as other things.

"that's probably so good! I eat Nutella with Salami and it's amazing but people who haven't tried it wont understand," wrote back @bridgetssjones. They're right, we don't understand.

"Carrot and ketchup is good too probably sounds disgusting but it's sooooooo good," wrote Mols. Excuse us, but what?

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