What Food Is the Most Common Pregnancy Craving?

Sweet and salty for the win
pregnant woman


Pickles and ice cream may sound like a weird combination but many pregnant women love at least one of them.

Pregnancy is notorious for bringing along the strangest food cravings. Everything from cheese and chocolate to hot peppers and lemons are among the long list.

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In terms of the most common food cravings, pickles and ice cream tie for second place. Pickles and other foods that are salty, such as olives and potato chips, are very common cravings during pregnancy. Although there is no real proof of this, people believe that cravings for pickles could be low in sodium. Also, pickles offer a crunchy texture, the bitterness of vinegar, and a juicy taste.

For a sweet craving, ice cream and frozen yogurt are the most popular are the most common solutions. Ice cream is sweet and creamy, and it cools down body temperature, which can help with hot flashes or other uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms. Not to mention, milk products are craved by many pregnant women because of the high calcium content. Switching to a fruit sorbet or coconut milk ice cream could be a healthy substitute if you are worried about going through one too many pints.


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