Pizza Delivery Man Threatens Non-Tipper

He sent the woman a letter full of threats and sexual language

After thinking the tip was included, a customer received a threatening letter from a Postmates delivery driver. 

A California woman received a terrifying four-page letter after she neglected to tip her Postmates delivery man. Lauren Ledford of Redondo Beach got the missive six days after the pizza had been delivered. The irate delivery man berated her for not tipping him, stating that he was on drugs, threatening to rob her, and using sexually explicit and degrading language.

Ledford reported the man to police, and has posted a copy of the letter (the original is being held as evidence) on Facebook and Instagram. In the post, she explains that she did not tip because she thought that a gratuity was included as one of the fees. She also expressed her outrage that Postmates had been less than helpful at offering her protection after the negative experience:

“I am putting this out there only because I want everyone to be aware of the fact that apparently this company doesn't respect a privacy policy and employees [sic] people who are openly on drugs, returning to costumers homes a week later threatening to rob them over a $4 tip, which I thought was included in the outrageous delivery charges that this company tacks on to orders,” Ledford wrote. “I am now terrified that this man could show up any day as he let me know, 'who knows what a disgruntled delivery driver who can't afford to eat that day is capable of.'”

Postmates fired the driver but would not give Ledford a last name so that she could file a restraining order against him. She has since led a campaign against Postmates on Facebook, posting their policy on their lack of liability for couriers.


She hopes that by exposing the food delivery app’s problematic policies and promoting awareness of her incident she will keep others safe.