What PDA Is OK

What PDA Is OK Today — and What Isn’t

It’s OK to show your sweetheart affection, but some just levels aren’t acceptable

Love is a beautiful thing — but sucking your sweetie’s face in the middle of a congested sidewalk is not. It’s perfectly normal to flaunt your partner and showcase your exclusivity. But for the sake of the public’s sanity, some displays of affection should be left behind closed doors.

What PDA Is OK Today — and What Isn’t Gallery

So what PDA is OK today? To find out, we congregated with etiquette professionals who know a thing or two about the do’s and don’ts of the dating world. Guidelines have been provided by Pat Durham, who has been coaching communications, business, and social protocol for 25 years; Jennifer Porter, who is a manners coach in Seattle; Jodi Smith, who is a nationally-known etiquette consultant at Mannersmith; and Maryanne Parker, who is the founder of Manor of Manners and is certified by several prestigious finishing schools, including the Protocol School of Washington, which trains White House and Pentagon staff.

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We also scoured the web to find out which behaviors warrant an upturned nose from onlookers in public spaces. So if you’re reading this at a park or on a bus, throw an arm around your honey and read on to discover what PDA is OK today — and what isn’t.