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Over-the-Top Themed Parties for Grown-Ups Slideshow


80s Prom Party

Because, well, who doesn’t love the '80s? Crimped hair, poufy dresses, and neon lights set the tone for this flashback dance party. Any good prom needs a good punch bowl and an even better sheet cake, so have an old-school table with a nacho bar, Pop Rocks, a lavishly iced cake, your favorite cassette tapes scattered about, and a fizzy punch. Invite guests to bring pictures of their high school proms — it’ll be a night of reminiscing.

A to Zeny

Beer Tasting Bash

A sophisticated beer tasting birthday party can appeal to both men and women, with the right beer, food, and décor. Serve up some bite-size pub foods — sliders, wings, fries, and dipping sauces — with traditional bar munchies like peanuts scattered around the party for snacks. Grab a chalkboard and write out the different beers (be sure to mix in a wide variety of traditional and craft beers) to recreate the pub ambiance, and have a voting sheet for guests to write down their favorites. A great take home gift? A beer glass commemorating the party.


Bluebird Baby

'Mad Men' Party

Fans of the 1960s retro show, listen up. You’ll want to give your space a vintage feel for this party, with old typewriters, phones, books, and other thrift finds to use as decorations. Make up a bar with martinis and cocktails (even offer a signature birthday cocktail), shrimp cocktails, candy cigarettes, and old-fashioned coke bottles to round out the classic party.

Oopsey Daisy

Mustache Party

The mustache has made a comeback. That’s right, these days the swirly facial adornment is seen on everything from T-shirts to purses, so why not throw a party around this trendy theme? Staples at this get-together are most definitely straws with paper mustaches attached, so when a guest takes a sip it will look as though they have a mustache (or attach mustaches to the tops of bottles to get the same effect). Put some mustache cupcake toppers on simply iced cupcakes to make them pop, serve mustache-shaped molded lollipops, a mustache-shaped cake, and in honor of the original mustache man, play some Monopoly.

Kara's Party Ideas

'Saved by the Bell'

It’s the best of the ‘90s. Go with some classic grub like burgers, fries, and shakes to recreate the gang’s old hangout, The Max. Character cake pops would be essential — Screech, Slater, and the gang made into desserts are a guaranteed hit. Anyone remember Jessie, Lisa, and Kelly’s band Hot Sundaes? Honor the trio’s musical group with a sundae bar.


Shakespeare Soiree

Channel your inner bookworm and throw a Shakespeare-themed tea party to honor the late, great playwright. Take a page from across the pond and serve a spread of tarts, tea sandwiches, and several pots of classic teas like English breakfast and Earl Grey (or go for some more contemporary ones). Read your favorite sonnets and munch on a variety of scones, jams, and chutneys, all of which would accompany this party wonderfully.



Believe it or not, this popular coffee chain has been the inspiration for themed parties before. A brunch party would be most fitting, with pastries, cookies, coffee cakes, and baked breads. Guests can enjoy a coffee bar — you brew, they choose. Have a variety of creamers, syrups, and sizes just like the Starbucks we all know and love. 


Sweet Occasion


his classic game takes center stage at this themed party. A candy buffet is a must, with candy dots, traditional colored M&Ms, gumdrops, Skittles, Red Hots, and whatever your else sweet tooth desires. These round candies are a great way to represent the spots on the board, and polka-dot treat bags would be a great idea, too. 


Francesca Borgognone

Midnight in Paris

An ode to the Woody Allen film, this 1920s soirée should bring you and your guests to the quiet streets of Paris. A cheese plate with a fresh baguette would be most appropriate, accompanied by a fondue station for some fun. Have some wine and champagne chilled for guests to sip, enjoy, and dream of the City of Light.


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