Napkin Origami 101 for Your Next Dinner Party

Wow your family with a chic origami napkin design

Shutterstock / Nonchai

The art of napkin origami.

The holiday season is approaching, and everyone knows it’s the time of year for entertaining the whole family with a formal dinner party. It’s a given that you’ll put in more effort than usual, because holiday meals are made with lots of love. This year, you should shake things up a bit — why not wow your family with a chic origami napkin design?

Swans are a popular option, but they may be challenging for beginners — we recommend a different route. Try a simpler design such as the three-pocket, which is classic, pretty, and perfect for any indoor dinner party.

Once your skills improve, you can also try creating a rose with your linen napkin. Until then, the video below will show you how to create the fancy three-pocket design. It’s a great introduction to origami, easy to create, and perfect for your next dinner party.