The Most Common Places You Forget to Clean in Your Kitchen

You may want to give your spring cleaning another go...
Hidden Kitchen Germs


Don’t forget to clean these important spots in your kitchen!

You consider yourself a clean person. Your house is in order, your surfaces are never sticky, and you definitely are not responsible for any weird odors wafting through the air. You spring clean like clockwork. The dishes never pile up in the sink. You are practically a cleaning product advertisement.

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However, you, even you, could be missing some of the dirtiest spots in your home without realizing it. Kitchen germs hide in every nook and cranny, and are easily distributed around the kitchen, due to the simple fact that food, especially when left to fester and mold, is inherently dirty. To remind you to check some of these overlooked crevasses in your kitchen, we enlisted the advice of Matt Paxton, extreme cleaning expert on Hoarders and author of The Secret Lives of Hoarders

The mistakes folks make in their home, he says, are endless. “Stop using pre-packaged disinfectant wipes,” Paxton advises right off the bat. “They actually spread germs across kitchen spaces, instead of removing them. Ditch the big bucket of wipes and go back to the old-school method of spray and paper towel or washable towel.”

Curious to know what else you’ve been missing all these years? Check out some of the surfaces you’ve skipped over and get ready for a truly germ-free kitchen.


Originally published on March 25, 2015