Disney, Sugarfina Team Up For Mickey Mouse Birthday Candies

Mickey Mouse is turning 90 this year, and he's getting a sugar-filled surprise for his big birthday. Sugarfina, a Beverly Hills-based candy boutique, has teamed up with Disney to create the most adorable line of chocolate bars and candies to celebrate the pop culture icon.

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According to a press release, the Disney Mickey The True Original x Sugarfina Collection features three limited-edition candies and three celebratory chocolate bars. The candies are inspired by Mickey's iconic red, black and white style. There are strawberry flavored gummies in the signature Mickey face shape, berry-flavored Mickey Mouse buttons and birthday cake-flavored gummies in the shape of the cartoon character's gloves. All of the gummies come in adorable candy cubes with a different Mickey on them and cost $8.

dark chocolate and white chocolate, these $9.95 bars are decorated with ample amounts of red, black and white Mickey Mouse sprinkles... just in case the 90th birthday wrappers weren't festive enough.

Ample Hills Creamery, a Brooklyn-based ice cream shop, has three new pints to honor the Disney mascot. Available in a three-pack for $45, the Disney Mickey Mouse Collection has different artwork featuring Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse celebrating birthdays throughout the years. Inside the beautiful packaging, there's Triple Chocolate Surprise, Confetti Celebration and Peanut Butter Jamboree flavors.

Goldfish Crackers also have limited-edition Mickey Mouse shapes, and we imagine as Mickey's actual birthday (November 18) gets closer, more brands will celebrate him with Mickey-shaped foods. And if you love these Mickey treats, we bet you'll love these Disney park snacks, too.