Marissa Hermer’s Holiday Hostess Tips

These holiday hostess tips will keep everyone happy this year
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Holiday Hostess


Use these tips to be a better hostess this holiday season.

It’s not always easy being a good hostess. Mastering this art takes practice, poise, and a lot of self-calming. These holiday hostess tips will definitely help you improve your party this year. Whether you’re hosting a fall dinner party, Thanksgiving, or Christmas dinner, these hostess tips can help you do your duty with grace and ease. Don’t fret over the little things this season. Instead, use your opportunity to be a hostess that brings people together, and always throws a good party. 

These tips are brought to us by Marissa Hermer, who currently stars on Bravo’s hit series, Ladies of London. She’s shared with us her secret tips on being a good hostess for this holiday season

Guest Gifts

I like to invite a circus of friends, mix it up a bit, and introduce new friends to old friends. It is such a joy to meet someone new, fun, and fabulous at a dinner party, so I try to give this gift to my guests.

Lots of Booze

Lots of Booze


No party would be complete without alcohol!

I always like to have a special cocktail of the evening -- something irresistible and strong to loosen up my guests. My Thanksgiving Cocktail is cozy and lethal. No one will complain about having too much to drink (until the next morning of course)!

Put ‘Em to Work

My friends often come into the kitchen to ask if there is anything they can do to help, and rather than turning them away, I give them something to do. I think it makes for a more casual cozy home-away-from-home atmosphere if everyone gets involved in the party -- even if it is simply asking a friend to pour wine into half-full wine glasses.


Always keep a few small chairs/stools that you can pull up to the table for the surprise guest, or the guest you forgot you invited. This has happened to me on a few occasions, and I’ve learned my lesson! It is important that everyone feels welcome -- even if you didn’t know they were coming -- so tuck away a few extra place settings as well and voila. Of course you are thrilled they joined!


There is usually a reason for a dinner party, and I like to celebrate whatever the reason is with a short toast. But it is always useful to spend five minutes prior to the dinner thinking about what you are going to say, so you can keep it short and sweet. 


Additional reporting by Courtney Nachlas