Make This Holiday Flower Arrangement At Home

This time of year, families and friends come together to celebrate the holidays. As people walk through the door, they're usually hit by the delicious aroma of dinner wafting through the air. The second impression is the table where everyone will gather for the meal. A traditional holiday centerpiece, complete with fall foliage, creates a beautiful ambiance that welcomes all.

For our centerpiece, we took a long and low vase that measures 15-inches long, 3 ½-inches wide, and 4-inches tall. The designer criss-crossed the vase with green waterproof tape, which is available at most craft stores. 

She gathered together the following flowers to use:

5 antique fall hydrangea

1 dozen orange roses (the designer chose to use two different shades of orange, 6 of each)

6 mango mini calla lily

Yellow cymbidium blooms

2 burgundy green protea

Ti leaves

2 gourds

Fall leaves

Prepare a long and low vase by taping and gathering flowers. Fill the vase with water and arrange the hydrangea. Slice and fold the ti leaves and staple them, placing them strategically into the arrangement. Add mango callas, roses, and protea.

When adding cymbidium blooms, place them in water tubes, and insert them into the arrangement, spacing them for the best color effect. Insert thin sticks into the gourds, which enable you to insert them into the arrangement.

The final touch is placing the fall leaves throughout. This beautiful centerpiece can be created with different color variations. It truly expresses the love and blessings of the host as they welcome loved ones to their holiday table.

This article is by Kathy Pantelas, owner of Westlake Florist in Westlake Village, CA and florist on the flower delivery site, BloomNation – often referred to as "the Etsy for flowers."