Layered Lunch: Easy Pre Made Meals for the Week

You'll save time and money with these tasty lunch ideas

You'll save time and money with these tasty lunch ideas.

Whether packing lunch for work, the beach, picnics or road trips, preparing meals in advance can save you tons of time (and sanity) during the week.  Instead of rushing the night before or even in the morning to put together something both appetizing and filling, try assembling lunches ahead of time for smoother packing on the go.  The classic Ball mason jar is an easy lunch box replacement and is the perfect vessel for a number of delicious, layered salads for exciting meals any day of the week.

Pesto Quinoa Bowls

Cold quinoa salad is an easy, fiber rich option for lunch. Add an assortment of your favorite in-season produce like peppers and cucumbers and layer on top of homemade pesto in a half pint Ball canning jar.  Simply shake and pour into a bowl or eat right out of the jar for a tasty fresh lunch!

Pasta Chicken Salad

Pasta salads are summertime favorites and the combination possibilities are endless. Create a large batch of homemade pasta salad with penne, gorgonzola cheese, celery and nuts and top with shredded chicken and dressing. Pack in any size jar you’d like for an easy serving wherever you are!

Layered Pea Salad

For a lighter lunch, or when packing for those with smaller appetites, these individual pea salads are the perfect solution. A delicious mix of peas, peppers, cheese, cucumbers, lettuce and onion combines for a simple and fresh side salad. Perfect also for vegetarians!

Bean Salad

If you’re looking for an idea with little to no cooking involved, a bean salad is the way to go.  Requiring that you only cook the green beans, this recipe is packed with protein and fiber and topped with savory Italian dressing and feta cheese for a crunchy treat.