Jay-Z's $110,000 Bar Tab Cost More Than Your Mortgage

Jay-Z effectively spent more money in one night than many people make in a year. Page Six reports that the 4:44 artist spent more than $110,000 on a night out with friends to celebrate the birthday of friend and Roc Nation Sports president Juan "OG" Perez.

Mr. Carter and company table-hopped across Manhattan, hitting up Midtown's Zuma for a $13,000 dinner — which People reports included lobster, steak, and sushi — then heading to Made in Mexico for a $9,000 round of drinks, ending with their most expensive stop at the Playroom nightclub, where the group of Roc Nation execs reportedly ordered 40 bottles of Jay-Z-owned Ace of Spades Champagne.

Hov balled hardest at the nightclub. According to the gossip outlet, the Playroom server shared the check with Snapchat, showing off the $80,035 bill and its accompanying $11,100 tip. The lengthy bill was also posted to Twitter.

Good thing their celebratory night out didn't take Jay-Z and friends to the most expensive restaurant in New York — although, if we're being real, he could probably afford to foot that bill too.