25 Secrets to Being the Best Party Guest Ever

now what to do — and what not to do
How to Be the Best Party Guest Ever

Is there a better way to spend a Friday or Saturday night than at a party, surrounded by friends? We don’t think so. There’s food, there’s drinks, there’s probably dancing… what could beat that? But just because you get invited to a lot of parties, that doesn’t mean you know how to be a great party guest. In fact, there are plenty of ways you can be a terrible guest. But don’t worry. We’ve got 25 ways you can go from party zero to party hero.

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The secret to being the best party guest ever? Well, it actually boils down to basic guidelines of modern etiquette.

Indeed, being the best party guest ever begins long before the event itself actually starts. You need to RSVP quickly, know how to dress and know where you’re going. Once you arrive, the best guests are the life of the party (without overstepping boundaries). Go outside your comfort zone a bit and engage with the people around you. You never know just who you might meet, after all. And of course, a good guest is a gracious guest and the type who helps out when needed. Want even more secrets to being the best party guest ever? We’ve got the scoop