How to Throw a Donald Trump Inauguration Watch Party

Whether you love the president-elect or are hoping he won’t make it through year one, here’s how to throw an inauguration watch
Donald Trump 2016


Whether you love him or hate him, here's how to get through the 2017 inauguration.

After what felt like an endless presidential campaign and an even longer post-election period, on Friday, Jan. 20, Donald J. Trump will take the Oath of Office to become the 45th president of the United States. Though his candidacy and time as president-elect has been filled with controversy and scandal, the businessman and reality TV star turned politician has amassed millions of dedicated voters and just as many detractors.

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Whether you’re looking to celebrate the prospect of America being “great again” or you just want to drink away the pain for the next four years, there’s no denying that every eye in the United States is going to be glued to the television to watch Trump’s inauguration. And what massive TV event would be complete without a watch party?


From décor to drinks to a menu inspired by Trump’s favorite foods, blunders, and time on the campaign trail, we’ve put together a way to throw an inauguration watch party for everyone, no matter your political views. So fry up some eggs, steak, and taco bowls, turn on the TV, and get ready for the next four years.