How to Cater Your Party With Fast Food

How to use fast-food chains' menus to cater your parties

Use this Qdoba dish to make entertaining easy, plus six more party-perfect ideas

Planning a party doesn’t necessarily come naturally to everyone. There are hosts that can map out entire spreadsheets of planning details, making sure that everything down to the napkins is laundered and ready to go come the day of a party. But then there are those who don't know where to start when planning a party. While we at The Daily Meal love you type-A party people, we totally understand that for the type-B folks, inspiration comes at a more lax pace. And for those who have little interest in stressing about the details but want to throw a party like Martha Stewart, they may be surprised to learn that they can get help from their local fast-food chains.

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Aside from cheap dinner options and dollar menu items, fast-food joints often offer a variety of catering options to make a party go more smoothly. Their services feature a variety of fun and surprising options, like fruit trays (Chick-fil-A) and cheese and meat trays (Subway), that you can actually dress up to make it look like you spent hours slaving away at crafting the perfect party menu — don't worry, we won't tell. 

We came up with seven creative ways to dress up purchases like Quiznos lunch boxes and Boston Market hot foods to make them festive for your party and functional for your guests. So if you are planning a last-minute get-together or would rather use the time to mingle with your guests, check out these tips to help you fast track your party with fast food!

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