How To Survive A Dinner Party When You Don't Like Any Of The Food

I host potlucks to see exactly who among my friends is blessed with the ability to cook well. By "well," I mean skilled in adding seasoning, flavor, and love to one's dishes. The love you have for preparing a dish will shine through in its taste. So what happens when one of your friends cooks a dish that you are absolutely not feeling? Or when you're at a business dinner and the suggested menu makes you queasy? How do you survive these situations without being rude or risking a relationship? Here are a few steps to help you make it through.

Camouflage the Dish

If the dish comes out and it's horribly bland — or just plain horrible — add plenty of salt and pepper to camouflage its negative qualities.

Drink Often

Take a sip of your drink just before putting the food in your mouth, then immediately take another sip to help the swallowing process along.

Eat Slowly

If you're at a dinner with multiple courses, the best thing to do is eat very slowly and be overly chatty. Why? Because everyone will listen to you while they eat, and by the time you're finished talking, your food will have gone cold and it'll be time for the next course.

It's the Kid Thing to Do

Move the majority of your foods to one side of your plate and attack the dish you can tolerate first. As for the ones you dislike, consolidate them as much as possible so that your unfinished plate doesn't look too full.