How to Maximize Space

How to Maximize Space in a Tiny Kitchen

If you’re a big-time home cook crammed in a tiny kitchen, you need this article
How to Maximize Space

You will love these space-saving hacks!


Invest in Containers

Perhaps your shelf doesn’t have enough space for big cereal boxes or that jumbo carton of microwave popcorn you snagged on sale. Try getting differently shaped containers that are equally as large, but more proportional to your kitchen layout.

Use Cabinet Doors

Don’t have a ton of shelf space? Turn the inside of your cabinet doors into a storage space by adding cork boards or hooks to attach small utensils for space saving.

Get a Peg Board

You’ve seen them in garages for tools, so implement them in your kitchen for large pots and pans!

Purchase an Oversized Cutting Board

Why do this if you are trying to save space? To put over the sink, of course — BOOM! Extra counter space acquired.

Fold Down

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