How Many Calories Are In Your Easter Basket? (Slideshow)

After spending hours dyeing the boiled eggs, you deserve to crack one open! As this is likely to be the healthiest option in your Easter basket, enjoy this treat first so as to ward off any potential overeating of Easter candy!

78 calories per hard-boiled egg


Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg

When seasonal Reese's are out, chocolate and peanut butter lovers rejoice. And if you get one of these candies in your basket, you'll feel like you hit the candy lottery! Just be sure to limit yourself to one and you'll have a completely acceptable treat for Easter.

90 calories per egg

Jelly Belly Jellybeans

These colored, sugary beans have been in Easter baskets as far back as we can remember. Out of all of the candy in your Easter basket, this sweet treat gives you the best caloric bang for your buck!

100 calories per 25 jellybeans

Russell Stover Marshmallow Egg

While this marshmallow, with its chocolate coated exterior, isn't the worst candy from a nutritional standpoint, you definitely don't want to reach back for several of them in one sitting. Try to resist the sugared goodness!

110 calories for per marshmallow egg


Sure these sweet yellow chicks look harmless, but underneath their sugary exterior lies a marshmallow center that will lure you into a basin of caloric sin. OK, maybe it isn't that intense, especially if you can limit yourself to one peep, but know that eating the entire package will cost you!

140 calories per package (5 Peeps)

Wonka Golden Eggs

You may prefer the goose that lays the golden eggs, but Wonka's definitely got the next best thing for Easter. Their chocolate golden eggs may be delicious but they could be dangerous if you are tempted to eat too many!

140 calories per egg

Cadbury Creme Eggs

While everyone may wish they were a Cadbury Bunny, they might want to want to re-think biting into one. These classic Easter candies with their marshmallow creme center are worth quite a bit of calories per one egg.

150 calories per piece

Snickers Egg

Another seasonal favor, this nougat-filled decadent delight may be all you can enjoy out of your Easter basket in one day!

160 calories per piece

Snickers Egg

Another seasonal favor, this nougat-filled decadent delight may be all you can enjoy out of your Easter basket in one day!

160 calories per piece

Whoppers Mini Robin Eggs

Crunchy, chocolatey and only available seasonally, Whoppers Mini Robin Eggs are always fun to discover while rooting through your Easter basket grass. A handful won't ruin your day, but be sure to count them out, especially if you are nibbling on them while searching for more!

170 calories per 24 pieces

Cadbury Mini Eggs

Cadbury's more modestly sized staple Easter treat may give you more wiggle room, in terms of your chosen serving size, than its full-sized crème predecessor, but that doesn't necessarily make this sweet treat a caloric steal. Mind your egg count before you put all of these sweet treats in one basket.

190 calories per 12 pieces

M&M’s Milk Chocolate

Hidden amidst the green plastic grass, you'll find little M&M's — seasonally colored in pastels, of course. While these tiny little chocolate bites may seem harmless due to their size, absentmindedly eating an entire package could cost you a ton of calories for the day.

240 calories per 1.69 ounce bag


Russell Stover Solid Milk Chocolate Bunny

It simply isn't Easter without the chocolate bunny. Whether it is solid, hollow, or full of your favorite filling, an Easter bunny has to make it into your basket of sweets. Just take care not to eat the entire thing at once, or you may take in literally half of your daily calories!

460 calories per bunny (estimated)